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When it comes to attracting the ideal customer we try to create a detailed profile of customer´s wants, needs and expectations. That way we ensure ourselves a high yield of success in our transactions. Before I continue allow me to explain that at Homes On Request Customers for us are both the “Buyer” and the “Seller”; we care about them equally and give them the same treatment and effort, since one without the other does not yield any business.

When profiling the common characteristics of our customers we ask ourselves some of the following questions:

  • What are they here for?
  • What makes them happy?
  • What Challenges do they face?
  • Where do they gather their information?
  • What are they worried about?
  • What are their target?

The answers to these questions might not always be at available but by using them can prove an effective way to help everyone in the organization narrowly focus on and communicate in ways that more directly appeal to your specific ideal customer.

Location, quality, profitability and added value are the four pillars on which we base our decision in order to make any investment. An investment is a process by which a person, whether physical or legal, decides to link liquid financial resources in exchange for expectations of obtaining, also, liquid benefits, over a period of time, called useful life, or time horizon of the investment. Therefore, to define an investment three parameters are needed:

  • Investment Cost
  • Investment duration
  • The cash flows expected to be obtain from the investment

Applying the above definition to the real estate market, a real estate investment materializes in the use of real estate assets to obtain rents, capital gains or both. Therefore, those who invest in real estate must consider their profitability through income and capital gains. An income is the profit or utility that produces something periodically, while a capital gain is the increase in the value of a patrimonial asset that is not due to changes made by its owner.

Carry out a comprehensive study of the area chosen for the investment by analysing the total amount of real estate that you can and are willing to sell or lease at different price levels in a certain period of time. Therefore, the supply is not only new developments, but also the resale properties. Once we have that data ready we will contrast them with the total number of individuals who want and can acquire a real estate or rent it, at the different price levels in a certain period of time.

The objective or result of the Viability Study is the determination of the project profitability, in an environment of maximum competition and relatively short deadlines. Like any project, the Viability Study has its Phases:

  • First phase: Initial Definition of the product, the definition of the product is subject to restrictions, which arise from impositions of the contract with the customer, the supply and demand in the market, technical and legal standards, economic and financial requirements. The Viability Study is in charge of checking if the final product that the project intends to elaborate complies with these restrictions. Therefore, our first phase has two parts or studies to obtain the definition of the product as well as the sale Price;
    • An Urban Study of the plot in question.
    • A Market Study for the analysis of market demand.
  • Second phase: Project preliminary planning. In this phase two parts are distinguished:
    • A Temporal Planning with the result of a work program. The program of works is generally represented by a Bar Chart, Gantt diagram.
    • An Economic Planning with its curves of expenses and income.
  • Third phase: Profitability Analysis. It consists in the application of the profitability criteria to the flows obtained in the planning and the evaluation of the project’s risks. The basic criteria of profitability are the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and the Net Present Value (NPV).
We guide the client throughout the process of acquiring an asset and negotiate for or with him the most advantageous and appropriate deal to his/her profile. We provide legal and financial advice to achieve the client’s final objective which is the sale or acquisition of the real estate asset in question.

We advise and help the client to set up a limited liability company to do that a series of requirements must be fulfilled:

  • L.L.C. Denomination: Before establishing the limited liability company, it must have a registry certification of having reserve the commercial name, which can be obtained in various forms, through the Mercantile Registry.
  • L.L.C. Share Capital: The capital of the limited liability company may not be less than three thousand euros and must be fully disbursed from its origin.
  • L.L.C. Shareholding: The limited liability company share capital will be divided into indivisible and cumulative shares. The shares will give the members the same rights, with the exceptions expressly established in this law.
  • L.L.C. Nationality: The limited liability company shall be Spanish and all limited liability companies domiciled in Spanish territory, irrespective of the place in which they are incorporated, shall be governed by this law.
  • L.L.C. Legal Address: will establish its legal address within the Spanish territory in the place where it has its effective administration and direction, or where its main establishment or operation is located.
  • L.L.C. Constitution: will be constituted by public deed, which must be registered in the Mercantile Register. With the registration will acquire the limited liability company its legal personality.
  • L.L.C. Memorandum of Incorporation: The incorporation deed of the company must be granted by all the founding members, either by itself or by means of representative, who will have to assume the totality of the social participations. The incorporation deed shall state
    • The identity of the partner or partners.
    • The willingness to set up a limited liability company.
    • The contributions made by each partner and the numbering of the shares assigned at payment.
    • The limited liability company statutes.
    • The identity of the person/s in charge for its administration and social representation.

We work to increase the value of our client’s real estate portfolio. In order to achieve that goal we do several functions:

  • We inform of the fiscal and urban regulations that affect our clients
  • We carry out appraisal studies to bring the asset to the market at an optimum price
  • We advise on the various market trends
  • We select the most appropriate strategies to market your assets



Management of all aspects related to developing a new promotion;

  1. Viability of the project.
  2. Profit and loss analysis.
  3. Comercial and advertising activities.
  4. Work Execution.


Control and management of all processes related to the construction and execution of development or reform. Everything is perfectly finished until delivery of the final product;

  1. Previous Project and proposals
  2. Project
  3. Budgeting – choosing materials with the client
  4. Management of municipal or other permits that may be needed it
  5. Work execution; Control, coordination and direction
  6. Final delivery of the dwelling to the client


We have a team of professionals, both for new work and renovation works, who will work in constant contact with the client, always attending their needs, budget and objectives.

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